Student counselling and support services

Student Counselling and Support Centre

Attending university presents an experience that directs and trains an individual in their area of interest while encouraging the realization of their full potential. Alongside carrying out academic commitments, it also provides an opportunity to master communication, presentation, organizational and life skills that help a person build a satisfying and fulfilling life and career.

Apart from being an institution for academic learning, the university is a place where one is certain to face new life challenges. Some of these might be adjusting to a new environment, concerns regarding the right course selection, under-developed learning strategies as well as dealing with personal problems, especially psychological.

In order to provide support in the development and improvement of students' academic and career-life skills, the University of Zagreb established the Student Counselling and Support Centre. The Centre started working in the academic year 2013/2014, and its activities and services are available to students of all faculties and academies of the University of Zagreb.

The Centre organizes various forms of activities within the following areas:

  • counselling related to academic and personal problems (psychological counselling)
  • career counselling   
  • academic and life skills development (such as communication, social and stress coping skills, as well as learning strategies and time management skills).

These activities are conducted through:

  • individual counselling
  • group counselling
  • educational workshops and lectures
  • academic skills workshops
  • career-life skills workshops
  • development of educational and self-help materials

The Centre's experts can also assist in finding other support services with respect to the needs and potential difficulties that students may have.

More information

Address: Student Counselling and Support Services
University of Zagreb, Trg Republike Hrvatske 14, HR-10000 Zagreb
Phone: +385 1 45 64 210