International exchange students can choose between two housing options: living in a student residence hall or private accommodation.

Student residence hall

Exchange students coming to Zagreb may choose between organized accommodation in one of the 3 student halls of residence or a private rental. The University of Zagreb does not guarantee student accommodation. Students who decide to seek accommodation in the student halls of residence need to apply for it. The housing request form is part of the general online application form for exchange students. As the number of beds available for exchange students is limited, vacancies will be determined on the "first-come, first-served" basis.
NOTE: Due to the limited number of vacancies, only oversees students and students from countries with a visa regime with Croatia will be guaranteed accommodation in a student hall of residence.
Students may choose between three (3) halls of residence - please click the following links to access more information (brochure):


  • 15 May for the upcoming study year / winter semester
  • 15 November for the upcoming summer semester

IMPORTANT: Housing request forms that arrive after the deadline will NOT be considered.

Private accommodation

Rent Students that are not staying at student residences will need to consider alternatives such as private rental accommodation.
Rents vary greatly according to location, room size, facility etc. Overhead expenses are sometimes included in the price, and sometimes are paid by the tenant. Payment is usually expected at the beginning of the month, while some landlords request payment for several months in advance.

The best way to do this is to search for different offers on the following web-portals. Some of the portals are only in Croatian, but they usually have photos of apartments and contact email so may send an inquiry. The University of Zagreb doesn't take responsibility for the content and conditions of these external sites:

Before choosing a flat, you might need to spend some time in a hostel. In that case, we suggest youth hostels.