International degree seeking students

International degree seeking students

Degree seeking studens are students studying for a full Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree at the University of Zagreb.


Admission to all university study programmes is restricted; i. e. the number of places is subject to an annual decision of the University Senate. All students, including foreign citizens that want to study at the University of Zagreb need to complete a corresponding secondary school and have their diploma on graduation exam recognized.
For a more detailed information on the admissions procedure prospective applicants are advised to inquire at the  FACULTY/ACADEMY of the University of Zagreb they wish to enrol.


University undergraduate programme: completion of a four-year secondary school.

University graduate programme: completion of a university undergraduate programme; students with a higher education vocational degree can be allowed to enrol in university graduate programmes under specially defined requirements

University postgraduate programme: completion of a university graduate programme.

Note: All foreign documents must be translated into Croatian; copies of the original of the foreign public documents must be certified by a public notary.


The tuition fee for a study programme is reached by the Senate of the University of Zagreb and it depends on the type of the programme. Information about tuition for individual programmes can be obtained from the FACULTY/ACADEMY of the University of Zagreb.

The University of Zagreb presently does not offer any financial assistance for foreign citizens. Foreign students must have sufficient financial means for the duration of their stay in Croatia.