The ECTS-system and student progress assessment

Student progress assessment

ECTS - European Credit Transfer System

1 ECTS credit is equivalent of approx. 30 working hours. Credits are awarded only when the course has been completed and all required examinations have been successfully taken. 60 ECTS credits represent the workload of a year study, 30 ECTS credits a semester.

Student Transcript Book – "Indeks"

Upon enrolment students get their own student transcript book – in Croatian "indeks". It contains basic information on courses taken, grades awarded and ECTS achieved.
It is useful to carry it during the last four weeks of the semester when professors with their signature certify attendance at the courses.
When the student passes the exam the professor will write down the grade and ECTS the student got and will sign it as well one more time.

Grading System

The Croatian national grading scale consists of five grades with numerical equivalents:

5 = excellent - izvrstan (highest grade)
4 = very good - vrlo dobar
3 = good - dobar
2 = sufficient - dovoljan (minimun pass grade)
1 = fail - nedovoljan (is not written in "indeks")

Croatian grading system and mapping from ECTS grades

5 = excellent - izvrstan (highest grade) - A
4 = very good - vrlo dobar - B
3 = good - dobar - C
2 = sufficient - dovoljan (minimun pass grade) - D, E
1 = fail - nedovoljan (is not written in "indeks") - F