E-Learning at the University of Zagreb

E-learning at the University of Zagreb has been in use from nineties mostly by individual activities of some teachers or as the technological possibility on few schools but these initiatives didn’t result in systematic and sustainable use of e-learning. By adoption of E-learning Strategy in 2007, the process of systematic implementation of e-learning was started. Following E-learning Strategy stipulations, the University Office for E-learning, E-learning Centre and University Committee for E-learning were established.

In addition to standard strategy elements (vision, mission, strategic objectives), the Strategy contains the action plan with a number of activities within several areas of strategic operations, concrete assignments of activities to competent/responsible bodies and deadlines for activity realization. Such systematic planning of activities enabled school managements to define the most appropriate paths and forms of e-learning in their particular educational environments.

For the purpose of monitoring the implementation of the Strategy and measuring conditions for the application of e-learning at the University of Zagreb, quantitative parameters have been defined for continuous monitoring with expected values which should be achieved.

Additional stimulation to the implementation of e-learning at the University of Zagreb was the international (EU Tempus) project “EQIBELT”- Education Quality Improvement by E-learning Technology (2005-2009) which was coordinated by the University of Zagreb and which enhanced positive ground for the implementation of e-learning and development of e-learning policy and strategy. The project provided financial resources and the experience and knowledge gained from EU universities with respectable and long tradition in the implementation of e-learning. Based on gathered know-how, it was possible to define and adopt the most suitable way for the implementation of e-learning.  

Office for E-learning

Office for E-learning at the University of Zagreb is situated at the E-learning Centre at University Computing Centre of the University of Zagreb.
Centre performs all tasks for the Office with purpose of efficient introducing and implementation of e-learning at the University of Zagreb.


  • continuously monitor and foster implementation of e-learning and maintaining of E-learning Strategy at the University of Zagreb
  • collect data on implementation of e-learning towards achieving quality dispute and decision making on e-learning at the University of Zagreb
  • participate in operation of University Committee for E-learning

E-learning Strategy 2007-2010

University E-learning Platform - Merlin

E-learning award at the University of Zagreb

E-learning Day

More information

e-mail: ueu@remove-this.unizg.hr
phone: +385 1 6165 171
address: E-learning Centre/ Office for the E-learning
University Computing Centre
University of Zagreb
J. Marohnica 5
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