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FSB, CRTA, and BMW Group now together in the development of artificial intelligence!

On November 16 2023, the BMW Group and the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB), along with the Regional Center of Excellence for Robotic Technologies (CRTA), signed an agreement for joint collaboration on the development of computer models and artificial intelligence models for predicting the production of prototype battery cells. This innovative cooperation represents a step forward in the research and development of battery cell technology, with far-reaching implications for the future of electric vehicles.
The collaboration will take place at the FSB level and within CRTA, led by Assoc. Prof. Marko Švaco, PhD, the head of CRTA and the Department of Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence at FSB. Mr. Ivan Rumenovic at Battery Cell Competence Center of the BMW Group (BCCC Factory in Munich) will lead the cooperative project at BMW.

The same day, a lecture to a packed auditorium of FSB students on the topic of 'Production Steps, Data Collection, and Analysis in the Production of Prototype Battery Cells' was held by Mr. Moritz Poremba, Head of Battery Cell Technology and Recycling Development at BCCC, and Mr. Ivan Rumenović, Project Manager for Production Logistic Ordering System at BCCC, and a FSB alumni.

Mr. Poremba and Mr. Rumenović also participated in Career Speed Dating event, engaging in discussions with FSB graduate students, providing valuable insights into the industry, and creating possibilities for future collaboration through internships or employment within the BMW Group.

This cooperation represents an excellent example of successful synergy between the academic community and the industry, promising outstanding results for the further development of technological solutions that will shape the future of production in the automotive industry.