E-learning course of Croatian

E-learning course of Croatian as a second and foreign language - HiT-1

General information

The University of Zagreb, the Croatian Heritage Foundation & the University Computing Centre offer an e-learning course of the Croatian language at the beginner level. The course is aimed at people with no previous knowledge of Croatian, or with very basic knowledge of the language.

Schedule for year 2024:

-        Spring semester - March 4 – May 26, 2024 (application deadline is February 23, 2024)

-        Autumn semester - September 16 – December 8, 2024 (application deadline is September 6, 2024)



The proposed course is a form of distance learning, more precisely, it is e-learning through a learning management system (LMS) and also through 24 teaching hours with experienced language instructors (native speakers) over the platforms for the video conferences. The course is not offered in a form of software that can be bought and used after the course finishes, but it is in a form of interactive teaching materials accessible on the LMS during the course duration. 
The course is based on the LMS Moodle, therefore it is required that the course participants have basic computer skills. 
The e-learning course comprises of 7 units which are expected to be finished in 12 weeks. The participants have two weeks to complete the units (from the Unit 3), while Unit 1 and Unit 2 have to be completed in one week. Each unit ends with a short test that shows the learner’s progress. The tests can be taken only at a time scheduled in advance.


In order to finish the course successfully, it is necessary that the learners regularly spend time reading, writing and practicing the language by doing the activities and assignments using the program. The learners’ activity at the e-course is the equivalent of student class attendance in a regular classroom, i.e. it is an important part of the study process. Therefore, the participants who show no activity inside a unit within two weeks will be considered dropouts.
Although the learning process inside each unit within a two week period is independent and individual, i.e. the participants study at their own pace; it is required that the participants communicate with the instructor twice a week at a scheduled time (real-time communication online). If the participants are not able to participate at a scheduled on-line session, they need to inform the instructor about it at least one day in advance. Canceled classes cannot be taken afterwards.

Structure of a single unit

Each unit comprises of texts that are aimed to develop communicative competence with a focus on basic grammatical structures. All important explanations are offered in Croatian, English and Spanish language.

Each unit consists of:

• written and spoken version of a text
• vocabulary and grammar exercises
• pronunciation  activities
• self-assessment activities
• interactive language activities

• homework assignments
• dictionary
• cultural information
• vocabulary and grammar test after each unit

Final exam

The final exam consists of two parts: a written and an oral section. The written section consists of communication questions, grammar and a short composition on a familiar topic. The oral section of the exam comprises of a prepared speech and an interview with the examination committee. The oral part of the exam will be taken over the platforms for the video conferences at a scheduled time.
Participants who pass the final exam will receive a Certificate of attendance and a Grade report from the University of Zagreb. Participants who fail any part of the final exam will receive only a confirmation of their course participation.

Technical requirements

- basic IT skills
- computer with speakers/headphones, microphone (required)
- web-camera
- Internet connection  (broadband recommended)


- Academic fee: 500 € 
- Expenses that participants make by using the Internet are not part of the academic fee and should be covered by the participant

Application should be sent and academic fee should be paid by:

1. for the spring semester by 23 February 2024
2. for the autumn semester by 6 September 2024


The participant is officially registered for the course when the University of Zagreb receives the academic fee. After the registration, three days before the course starts the participants will receive all other details: how to create the user account and the access the e-learning system, as well as the schedule for the live sessions. Two weeks after the final exam, the login password will not be valid any more.

Note: In the case of quitting the course at any time, the registration fee will not be refunded.

Contact and information

For all detailed information and application form, please contact ecroatian@remove-this.gmail.com.

University of  Zagreb
Croatian e-learning course 
(Marija Bošnjak)
e-mail: ecroatian@remove-this.gmail.com


Croatian heritage foundation
(Lada Kanajet Šimić)
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel. (385 1) 61 15 116
E-mail: lada.kanajet@remove-this.matis.hr