Student restaurants and cafeterias

Student restaurants and cafeterias

Meals, cafe, refreshments and cakes at affordable prices are served in student restaurants and cafeterias run by the Student Centre University of Zagreb. Services and offerings may vary in over 20 restaurants at various locations in the city, usually within Faculties of the University. The biggest student restaurant is located in the Student Centre Savska 25.

The student card, so-called "xica", enables students to eat in student restaurants, get discount when travelling, going to cinema, theatre, etc.

The Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports allows a weekly subsidy to the following categories of exchange students (BA & MA level): Erasmus, CEEPUS, scholars of the Croatian national Agency for mobility and programmes of EU.

All other categories of exchange students pay the full price of a meal.

The full price of the daily menu is 22,60HRK; students that receive a subsidy on the card pay 6.50HRK whereas the rest (71,24%) is covered by the subsidy. Exchange students are entitled to a weekly subsidy of 225,40HRK, i.e. 901,60HRK.

The student card is issued by the faculty/academy where students enrol.