Summer schools

Summer schools of the University of Zagreb

A list for 2018/19 will be published in February 2019. 


The list of the faculties of the University of Zagreb that are organizing summer schools in the academic year 2017/2018:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture

  1. NUMAP-FOAM, 20-31 August 2018 in Zagreb. Application deadline is 1 May.
  2. 6th Summer School of Naval Architecture of Small Craft, 17-22 August 2018 in Murter; more info here; leaflet in Croatian

Faculty of Economics and Business

  1. International Tourism & Hospitality Academy At Sea (ITHAS), 5-12 May 2018

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

  1. 14th Student Bioethics Workshop “Bioethics and Mass Media”, 20-23 May 2018; more info on workshop’s website and in leaflet 
  2. Summer School “Bioethics in Context V: Life, Living Bodies, and the Genes – Bioethical Reflections on New Genetic Knowledge”, 17-24 June 2018; more info on workshop’s website and in leaflet 
  3. Transform Zagreb 2018 – The International PhD school Transformations in European Societies, 27 April to 1 May 2018; more info on workshop’s website and in leaflet

Faculty of Geodesy

  1. BESTSDI - Split summer school, 26-30 June 2018 in Split; more info on project's website and in leaflet 
  2. 2nd International doctoral seminar in field of Geodesy, Geoinformatics and Geo-space (IDS3Geo), 8-11 May 2018 in Dubrovnik

Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering

  1. Petroleum Engineering Summer School (PESS), Workshop 45 – 4-8 June, in Dubrovnik, leaflet 
  2. Petroleum Engineering Summer School (PESS), Workshop 46 – 11-15 June, in Dubrovnik, leaflet

Faculty of Law

  1. ‘Balkan Criminology’ One-Week International Intensive Course, 21-26 October, 2018, in Dubrovnik
  2. Jean Monnet Advanced Seminar in EU Criminal Law and Policy 2018, 23 to 28 April 2018, Dubrovnik
  3. Crime Prevention through Criminal Law and Security Studies, 11 to 17 March, Dubrovnik

Faculty of Organization and Informatics

  1. FSec IoT Hacking Summer School, Varaždin, 16-22 July 2018

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  1. International Summer School "Zoonoses", 29 April to 4 May 2018, Dubrovnik

University of Zagreb

  1. University School of Croatian Language and Culture offers an intensive course of the Croatian language. The School is organised in cooperation between the University of Zagreb and the Croatian Heritage Foundation. This year the school will be held from 30 June – 27 July in Zagreb (in Croatian /English).