ICT services & facilities

ICT services & facilities

Computer / Internet Access

At every faculty/academy of the University there are computers that can be used by students free of charge. To use the computers, a user account is needed. You can obtain it at the faculty/academy by filling in a Carnet form, or thorough the Eduroam services.

Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) service enables the international exchange students and teachers to access the Internet at the institutions which are a part of Eduroam system. Croatia is an active member of eduroam community through the project AAI@remove-this.EduHr. This enables our guests from foreign institutions to easily access the Internet. Depending on location, wired and wireless access is possible.

In order to access the Internet, the user needs to have an electronic identity (username and password) provided by his home institution or faculty/academy he/she will enroll at UNIZG. Please check with your home institution if you have an electronic identity which can be used to connect to the Internet in Eduroam system.

You can find some additional information at www.eduroam.org. Please note that countries which are a part of eduroam system generally have their national web pages (for example www.eduroam.de for Germany). If software is properly configured, connection to the Internet is momentary.

In-Room Internet connection instructions

(for students living in student residence halls)

Internet is available in each room free of charge.

Students need to enroll at the faculty/academy of the University and open a computer account (part of the enrolment procedure). After you get your username and password, download the necessary installation software from http://installer.eduroam.hr and you should have Internet access from your room.