Rector’s welcome

Rector’s welcome

Welcome to the University of Zagreb, one of Croatia'a oldest institutions. This year we are celebrating 350 years since its foundation!

As rector of the University of Zagreb I feel great responsibility because I have promised by accepting this duty that I will, together with all vice-rectors, the administration staff and faculty deans, contribute to your well-being!

I ask you, therefore, dear future students, to responsibly take advantage of the educational opportunities we offer you, to gain knowledge and competences. I would like us all to mutually encourage each other in order to improve our work and achieve success!

The University of Zagreb, as the largest and most prominent university in Croatia, offers support to Croatia’s other universities. Moreover, it has a clear strategy to become a leading university in the region as well as in Europe. By choosing the University of Zagreb you will become one of over 70 000 proud students currently participating in our many academic programs of study. Our students account for half of all students enrolled at public universities in Croatia. I sincerely hope that this website we prepared for you will help you make the right choice among 30 faculties, three academies of art or the University Centre for Croatian Studies.

Jean-Baptiste Say said: “History is not useful to us to read about the past, but the future.”

The university’s international relations have significantly improved since Croatia joined the European Union. International student exchange, mainly through the Erasmus+ mobility program, is extensive. The program offers our students the possibility to gain new experiences and knowledge at other universities in Europe even during their study periods.

The University of Zagreb is also the leader among Croatia’s universities in regard to post-graduate studies. Over 12,500 students have enrolled into the University’s specialist postgraduate programs since they were established. Furthermore, seventy percent of all students enrolled in doctorate programs in Croatia in 2014 come from our University. Since September 2014, 915 doctoral degrees in arts and sciences were awarded.

All this represents a testament to both the University’s rich history and its promising future, as well as to the belief that you made the right choice!

You can truly be proud of becoming a part of our University of Zagreb family – I look forward to our shared future success!

Your rector, Professor Damir Boras, Ph. D.