How to apply

How to apply

Your home university has nominated you for your student exchange period at the University of Zagreb and now you need to apply.

The application link for the 1st/WINTER semester, i.e. academic year 2017/18 is now opened. 

You may apply on the following link. The application deadline is 10th of May!

A list of our Faculties and its abbreviations may be found at the following link. This table can be useful for the application procedure. 

Please bear in mind that the online application through our website is mandatory and that any nominee who does not apply online will automatically be rejected. 

The documents you need to enclose to your application form are:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (Croatian or English),
  2. The Learning Agreement,
  3. Grade Transcript
  4. Certificate of Enrollment
  5. Nomination letter
  6. Copy of the ID card (both sides) / Passport (first page with the photo and personal data)
  7. Proof of English knowledge if you are following courses in English – B2 level (all kinds of certificate, from different language schools are accepted).

All applicants are kindly requested to respect the APPLICATION DEADLINES (to receive your application documents by e-mail) which are as follows:

  • 10 May for the 1st/winter semester / academic year
  • 10 November for the 2nd/summer semester

UNIZG IRO office