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Winners of Rector's Award for academic year 2015./2016.

The Commission for the Rector's Award inspected the student works that have been proposed by constituent units of the University of Zagreb and has selected a total of 183 works in categories: 131 works in category a) for individual scientific and artistic work (one or two authors), 24 in category b) for team scientific and artistic work (three to ten authors ), 3 in category d) for "big" team scientific and artistic work (more than ten authors), 8 in category e) for special accomplishment of individuals and teams and 17 in category f) for best student scientific and artistic works, special competition successes of individuals and teams and for community service work in the academic and wider community.

Ceremony of Rector's Award was held on Friday, 17 June 2016 in the Congress Hall of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb.

Rektorova nagrada_Boras_2016 Rektorova nagrada_govor zahvale_2016.