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University constituent units' interdisciplinary project to preserve freshwater ecosystems

Project teams from the Faculty of Science Department of Biology and the Faculty of Teacher Education will work together with a University of Duisburg-Essen team on an ERASMUS+ project to develop a graduate study programme in ecological monitoring and freshwater bioassessment for Western Balkans higher education institutions - ECOBIAS.

The 953 thousand euros worth three-year project is financed through the Capacity Building in the field of higher education initiative. As part of this initiative, teams from ERASMUS+ Programme Countries, Croatia and Germany, aid higher education institutions of Western Balkans Partner Countries to develop, modernise and expand new curricula, teaching methodologies and learning materials for ecological monitoring.

The project consortium, led by the University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences, consists of eleven universities from five countries, who will work together to develop and accreditate at least twenty-six graduate classes and fourteen lifelong learning courses for the environmental monitoring sector, in line with the European Union Water Framework Directive through which member states are committed to achieve good qualitative and quantitative status of all water bodies.

Learn more about the project HERE.

The University of Zagreb is one of ECOBIAS project partners.
Contact persons are Faculty of Science Assist. Professor Marko Miliša, Ph.D. and Faculty of Teacher Education Assist. Professor Marko Ćaleta, Ph.D.