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The Calendar of art events of the University of Zagreb in the academic year 2023/2024, summer semester

The Academy of Dramatic Art, The Academy of Fine Arts, The Academy of Music, The Faculty of Architecture (The Study of architecture and urbanism and The Design study), the Faculty of Grafic Arts,  the Institute for Church Music of the Catholic Faculty of Theology and The Faculty of Textile Technology (Textile and fashion design) are all the constituent units of the University of Zagreb having an artistic component. They organize and perform various forms of artistic events which are part of their teaching curriculum and which are prepared by the students and their mentors. The University has recognized the need to incorporate and jointly present all the artistic activity of its constituent units, including the complex multi-disciplinary projects both to the academic community and the public at large, in order to give them a timely information on the broad range of different artistic events. 

The creation of the artistic calendar is the result of work of the Working Group for Collecting and Integrating Data on Artistic Activity, which is part of the pilot-project aimed to present all the activities in the arts field taking place within the University and to systematize them by academic year semesters. The Art Events Calendar of the University of Zagreb contains activities and programmes of each of the above constituent units, along with a brief overview of events by calendar dates. The Calendar is also distributed in printed form.

With this important new initiative, we wish to bring the entire academic community as well as the general public closer to the artistic activities and areas at the University.

We also endeavour to contribute to the visibility of this part of the University and develop awareness about art in general and openness towards the specificity of the artistic expression. This initiative strives to encourage the audience, primarily the student population of the University of Zagreb and the young generation, to follow the artistic programmes and gain insight into them. It should inspire them with ideas and emotions arising from creating, practicing, or simply enjoying art. It may even spur their personal creativity.

UniART events calendar ac.y. 2023/24_summer semester