Career counselling

Career counselling

Professional career counselling is about understanding students and the choices they make about their academics, occupation and lifestyle. Professional counselling can also motivate You to work through the confusion, anxiety and disappointment that can sometimes accompany educational and career decision-making.

The Centre provides brief individual career counselling (up to 6 sessions). Appointments are arranged on a weekly basis and last for up to 60 minutes. Career counselling has a strong focus on collaborative problem solving and action planning. In addition, our priorities are to develop sense of personal responsibility and the resilience to overcome barriers to achieve career goals.

Consider making an appointment if you’d like to:

  • clarify academic and career interests and/or ambitions
  • determine a course of action to meet career objectives
  • work on strategies regarding careeer changes and definig your career plan
  • identify and/or develop professional potentials (skills, knowledge, abilities, etc.)
  • work on job search strategies and how to research employers
  • write effective resumes, cover letters and prepare for job interviews
  • work on adjusment to job and/or new work environment
  • other issues close to these areas


In order to arrange an appointment contact us via this e-mail adress:

Ivana Rajic - Stojanovic, MA, psych.

Student counselling and support centre

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