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University of Zagreb Welcomes Mainz Delegation

On 26th March 2019, University of Zagreb welcomed the esteemed Mainz delegation. On behalf of the Rector of the University of Zagreb, Professor Damir Boras, Ph. D., the event was hosted by Prof. Miloš Judaš, Ph. D., Vice-rector for Science, Inter-Institutional Cooperation and International Relations, aided by the University of Zagreb International Relations Office, and its Head, Professor Branka Roščić, Ph. D.

The Mainz diplomatic mission was headed by Mr Richard Patzke, Croatian honorary consul in Mainz and president of the German-Croatian Society of Mainz, along with academic representatives of the 'Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz', led by Professor Werner E.G. Müller, Ph. D., and Professor Gerhard Muth, Ph. D., president of the 'Mainz University of Applied Sciences'. German students were also part of the delegation.

The work visit aimed to strengthen the academic collaboration regarding student exchange and short-term projects, revitalize professor mobility, and stimulate research cooperation through joint programmes. In fact, University of Zagreb had signed a bilateral agreement with the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in 1975, so the current plan entails widening and setting up new forms of collaboration. To that end, along with the Erasmus+ EU mobility programme, a greater focus will be put on Mainz through awarding scholarships and co-financing academic teaching staff mobility as well.

Actively participating in the meeting were deans and vice-deans of University of Zagreb faculties with a keen interest in collaborating with Mainz: Faculty of Economics and Business, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Catholic Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Teacher Education, Faculty of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Faculty of Agriculture.

List of participants can be found at the link.