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University Fair

The University of Zagreb Fair is organized for high school seniors, university students and anyone else who is interested. The Fair aims to inform prospective students about courses of study, the faculties' achievements in fields of science and technical equipment, curricula, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes of study, creative career opportunities, new opportunities offered by private entrepreneurs and companies, student accommodation in Zagreb, student life, and many other interesting details.

By organizing the University of Zagreb Fair, we would like to help you make one of the most important decisions in your life – choosing your course of study. It should be the one that best suits your wishes and interests, as it will, in a way, steer the development of your professional and personal life. In order to help you be as successful as possible in this great undertaking, the University of Zagreb has in the past several years implemented a series of measures and investments, improving your study environment.

With the introduction of the Bologna system, students and their studies became the central preoccupation of our University, alongside scientific research. The changes that followed include the establishing of a higher education quality assurance system, in which students play a major role. Through this system, students and teachers take part in programme evaluation, which is a precondition for successful University management and for continuous improvement of quality indicators, the most important of which is the students’ success during their studies and in the labour market.

We are just as convinced that youth, energy and enthusiasm, alongside hard work and responsibility, are the best guarantee for success during and after your studies.

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