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Tandem Programme, a One-Week Student Exchange

In 2019, the University of Zagreb International Relations Office will once again be conducting the Tandem programme, a one-week student exchange between the Bavarian University of Regensburg and the University of Zagreb.

The program is set up so that the students of one university are coupled - in tandem - with a student from the other, so that together they can explore the same subject in both countries. That way the Croatian students find speakers and organise interviews for the German students in Zagreb, who do the same for them on the return visit to Regensburg. Such a concept is highly compelling because it enables the students to examine the same subject in two countries, and to experience different perspectives and different approaches to specific problems or challenges in Croatia and Germany.

This year, the subjects which the students will be exploring and on which they will write their essays are: politics towards refugees, religious minorities, homeless people, political participation, how EU politics affect its neighbouring countries, public art, the image of Germany in Croatia - the image of Croatia in Germany, environmental protection in Zagreb/Regensburg - problems and approaches to urban planning and wildlife preservation, Remembrance Culture, student organisations, local value of the EU and the queer scene.

Students of the University of Regensburg paid a work visit to Zagreb from 16th to 23rd February. The principal presentation of the University of Zagreb accompanied by a review of the student research projects was hosted in the Great Hall of the Rectorate on Monday, 18th February. As part of their stay, various cultural and social activities have been organised for the Bavarian students, such as a guided tour of the city, guided museum tours, socialising over local snacks made by our students, organ recital at the Church of St. Mark and a field trip to the Croatian backland with visits to Trakošćan Castle, Krapina and the Krapina Neanderthal Museum.

The return work week in Regensburg will take place from 7th to 14th July of this year. After all of the students have finished their essays, they will be translated into Croatian or German respectively and published in the eponymous Tandem-Buch, a bilingual publication about the Tandem programme between the two universities. The bilingual concept is in keeping with the EU's policy of preserving European languages as well as the University of Zagreb internationalisation strategy regarding the preservation of the Croatian language and international promotion of Croatian language and culture, especially to countries with a considerable diaspora population.