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Professor Damir Boras, Ph. D., rector of the University of Zagreb, awarded 330 new doctoral degrees in arts and science

On Sunday, 17th April 2016, rector Boras conferred 330 doctoral degrees in arts and science during two university commencement ceremonies at the Croatian National Theatre.

In accordance with the new protocol, candidates, dressed in their academic togas and caps, were led to the Croatian National Theatre in two processions headed by two beadles. They were followed by a procession of the rector, vice - rectors and deans who posed for a photograph in front of the theatre building with Ivan Meštrović’s famous Zdenac života sculpture (the Well of Life) in the background.

The ceremony started after the solemn entry of the university leadership upon the stage of the Croatian National Theatre. The Academic Male Choir of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science performed Croatia’s national anthem. It was followed by the rector’s speech and the candidates’ oath. After the rector proclaimed them doctors of sciences and arts, the new doctoral graduates switched tassels on their academic caps from the left to the right side (which symbolizes accession to a new and higher academic title).

The new doctoral graduates were given their diplomas and registered in the book of doctoral graduates.

The ceremony ended with the academic anthem Gaudeamus Igitur.

Mr. Petar Mišević, the President of the University Council, was present at the ceremony. Zana Hajdari, Ph.D. and Vanja Ivković, Ph.D., spoke on behalf of the newly promoted doctoral graduates. They were among the youngest graduates receiving their doctoral diplomas at the University of Zagreb.