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President Zoran Milanović visits facilities of the University of Zagreb damaged by earthquake

On Saturday 28th March 2020, President of Croatia Zoran Milanović met with the rector of the University of Zagreb Professor Damir Boras, Ph. D., dean of the Faculty of Law Professor Igor Gliha, Ph. D., dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Professor Stjepan Lakušić, Ph. D., and the dean of the School of Medicine Professor Marijan Klarica, Ph. D. to visit the facilities of the University of Zagreb damaged during the earthquake.

The earthquake has caused significant damage to the building of the University at 14 Republic of Croatia Square, one of Croatia's protected cultural goods, built during the second half of the 19th century and currently out of commission.

Milanovic nakon potresa_zgrada_2020

Rector Professor Damir Boras, Ph. D. emphasised that the developmental role of high education and the scientific system is magnified during times of crisis such as the situation we are currently experiencing, and thanked all experts of the University of Zagreb for their cooperation.

After his visit, President Milanović determined that the passing of a legal framework on a state level is needed for swift restoration, adding that this is an opportunity for a new and improved start that, as Croatia's capital city, Zagreb deserves.

Milanovic nakon potresa_zgrada_2020

Images: Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia