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MOON BIKE 2020 - travel to the Moon on Earth by bicycle riding 384 400 km

Starting at the end of June, the University of Pécs launches an international challenge for all members of society to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge, called “MOON BIKE,” goes on for 80 days during which participants travel to the Moon on Earth by bicycle riding altogether 384 400 kilometers. The initiative is international to draw attention to the importance of exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Participants can join the project on Facebook. Lovers of cycling will be using an app to send a screenshot to the Facebook page MoonBike2020 as proof of the distance traveled. Should anyone be taking the challenge using a stationary bike, they will need to upload the photo of the odometer display.

It will be documented and summed up the distance traveled and given regular updates of “where we are.”

It is possible to participate in reaching the Moon with distances traveled individually, in teams, or as part of official races, by amateur as well as professional cyclists.

The summer campaign by the University of Pécs builds a virtual community to adapt to the new situation while keeping in touch with the students, national and international partners, alumni, and Hungarians living in the diaspora. One of the headline targets of the University of Pécs as a Green University, is to promote environmentally friendly transportation. The patron of the MOON BIKE project is Prof. Dr. József Bódis, Secretary of State for Higher Education, Innovation, and Vocational Training.

Outstanding performances will be rewarded with valuable gifts thanks to sponsors!