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Message from University of Zagreb rector Professor Damir Boras, Ph. D.

Dear student colleagues, professors and other University of Zagreb staff,

in this historic and difficult moment for our University, for our capital city of Zagreb, and our homeland the Republic of Croatia, I wish to inform and encourage you, as well as call upon you to rise to the occasion of the historic moment all citizens of Croatia are currently going through.

The earthquake that hit Zagreb on Sunday 22nd March 2020 caused significant damage to the infrastructure of the University of Zagreb constituent units, but also to the buildings housing the Faculty of Law and the University rectorate. I believe that in the time ahead, we will be able to repair the damage and find ways to once again organise study classes in our amphitheatres and lecture halls, once we have won this war against the COVID-19 epidemic.

To all deans and administrations of our faculties and academies, allow me to express my support and encouragement for your efforts on recording, and in the future also repairing the damage caused to our scientific and teaching infrastructure. I ask all deans to inform our student colleagues about the state of the University of Zagreb constituent units infrastructure in a timely manner, to alleviate their possible concern regarding the completion of the 2019/2020 academic year.

Thanks to the informatics infrastructure of the University Computing Centre and all University constituent units, we have been able to ensure the unimpeded conducting of remote university classes, which is proceeding with no notable obstacles at all faculties and academies of the University of Zagreb. I ask that you follow closely and comply with all instructions issued by your faculties and academies, and, of course, measures and recommendations of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Republic of Croatia.

The whole of the academic community, all students and professors of our Almae Matris are going to face great challenges in the days and months ahead. University of Zagreb has, throughout the 350 years of its history, shared the fate of the Croatian state, Croatian people, and all her citizens. Before us lies a time of "living the history", a time during which we must all together, without exception, show strength and endurance, prudence and adaptability, diligence and perseverance, and above all responsibility and care.

In the time ahead, we must direct our efforts to remain as healthy as possible, both for ourselves and those close to us, and all those we could come in contact with or in whose proximity we could find ourselves. Social distancing, working alone, and an utmost devotion to hygiene and presence of mind is now the responsibility of every member or our academic community, students, professors, researchers and other members of University staff.

I wish you all good health, and hope you will overcome any difficulties you may face, all for the benefit of your and our University and all of our homeland, the Republic of Croatia.

Good luck to everybody!

Your rector, Professor Damir Boras, Ph. D.