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Kampusijada 2016

Kampusijada – sports students meeting of the University of Zagreb and from other colleges and polytechnic institutions in Zagreb – the third consecutive year at Campus Borongaj, hosted students looking for fun and competition. On May 12th 2016, they had an opportunity to compete in over 20 disciplines and, despite the rain, students showed a brave spirit eager for sports and entertainment. In praise of the best athletes, the awards ceremony was attended by several special guests: former world renowned skier and current Assistant Minister (Ministry of Science, Education and Sports) Janica Kostelić, Vice-rector for Innovations, Technology Transfer and Communications of the University of Zagreb prof. Miljenko Šimpraga, Ph.D. and the deans of the Centre for Croatian Studies, the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Zagreb. The Organizing Committee of Kampusijada received a total of 1,347 online applications, a record number of applications and a 40% increase compared to 2015. Student applications were received from nineteen different education institutions and bodies.

Students from the Centre for Croatian Studies (University of Zagreb) achieved the best results, earning 16 trophies, while students from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering (University of Zagreb) won 13 trophy cups. Third place was secured by students from the Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Zagreb). They were closely followed by students from the Business School Libertas.

"We were proud to expand the number of sports activities this year, as well as the number of additional events. The Center Up2Date which held a workshop for persons with disabilities, and the Airsoft Club, which staged an exhibition of this interesting sport, were some of the activities that contributed to the diversity of events in one place. We regret, however, that bad weather conditions discouraged larger numbers of students from attending the many events, but we believe that we have succeeded in promoting Kampusijada, and thereby encouraging students in their activities. Overall, we are pleased with the organization of the event!“ said a statement by the Organizing Committee.

This year’s Organizing Committee managed to organize everything with a help of sponsors who provided valuable prizes for the competitors (travel rewards, soft drinks, student subscriptions to culture performances etc.): PAN brewery, AZM Politrip, Fun Factory, Jungle Tribe and Croatian National Theatre.

The event was organized with the financial and logistical support of the Student Union of the University of Zagreb, the Student Centre in Zagreb, the Centre for Croatian Studies, the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences of University of Zagreb.