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Croatian Rectors' Conference supported the project of the University of Zagreb

On Monday August 28, 2017 the 11th session of the Croatian Rectors' Conference was held at the University North in Varaždin. During one of the agenda items, the Rectors' Conference has supported the project of organizing the scientific and educational conference "The role of information and communication technology in making education more accessible". 

The project proposal was presented by the Rector of the University of Zagreb, Professor Damir Boras, Ph.D. and the idea of organizing the conference was initiated by Assistant professor Mario Konecki, Ph.D. from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics of the University of Zagreb, special advisor to the rector of the University of Zagreb for Internet services and coordinator of the Croatian Rectors' Conference for information technology.

The main organizer of the conference is the University of Zagreb. Along with the Croatian Rectors' Conference and several leading American universities and organizations, co-organizers of the conference will be the City of Varaždin, the City of Daruvar and others.

The conference will also include lecturers from American universities and organizations that are involved in the development of innovative technologies for aiding people with disabilities.

At the mentioned session Assistant professor Konecki, Ph.D. also presented the design of the new website of the Croatian Rectors' Conference that has been created to bring the work of the Rectors' Conference closer to the general public, as well as to provide easier and quicker access to press releases, conclusions and other relevant information.

Rektorski zbor u Varaždinu   Rektorski zbor u VaraždinuRektorski zbor u Varaždinu   Rektorski zbor u Varaždinu