Seminar European Young Leaders’ (EYLs): Understanding your fears and expectations of governments

Seminar pod nazivom European Young Leaders’ (EYLs): Understanding your fears and expectations of governments, u okviru neprofitne istraživačke skupine Friends of Europe, održat će se u petak 13. svibnja 2022. od 16 do 18 sati u Velikoj predavaonici Arhitektonskoga, Građevinskoga i Geodetskoga fakulteta Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Fra Andrije Kačića Miošića 26.

Poziv je upućen svima koji žele upoznati različita stajališta i razmišljanja te razgovarati o njima s mladim inspirativnim vođama iz različitih područja. Registrirati se možete od 16 sati uz piće dobrodošlice!


What are your reflections on what governments and institutions should do to protect you? Where are they falling short? What are your fears? In the Ukraine crisis do you understand why what seems like inaction from the West is taking place? How have climate measures addressed your concerns and living conditions? And most importantly, what can be done to make feel you safer locally?

Much has been said about the importance of multilateral institutions, like NATO and the UN, and there’s been a lot of talk about European security. The current crisis reveals that existing policy measures – despite the best intentions – have not deterred authoritarian regimes to attack democracy, holding Europe and the world to ransom. Likewise, leaders have gathered in councils to convene and agree on necessary measures to tackle the climate emergency, often leaving citizens out of the conversation.

Citizens are the first to feel the shock of geopolitics and to deal with the realities of climate change and climate mitigating policies, this session aims to hear from them and from you.

Young Leaders in attendance will include Benedetta Berti, Head of Policy Planning at the NATO Secretary General Office; Alexandra Dariescu, Award-Winning Concert Pianist; Benjamina Karić, Mayor of Sarajevo; Fadi Quran, Campaign Director at Avaaz; Jasmina Cibic, Artist and filmmaker; Justas Janauskas, Co-Founder of Vinted; Matthew Caruana Galizia, Investigative Journalist and Director of The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation; Jesse Klaver, Leader of the Green Dutch Party; Tamara Srzentić, Montenegro Minister for Public Administration, Digital Society and Media; Andrea Fernández Benéitez, Secretary of Equality for the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE)  and Melisa Erkurt, Journalist, and Author, Editor-in-Chief of Die Chefredaktion, an Instagram based medium that produces diverse journalism by and for young people.

We want to create a frank, honest and open opportunity for you to have your say, to be listened to and exchange views with some of Europe’s leading young talent.

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